4 Mart 2012 Pazar

A early stage of a Concept Design

 Hi, guys! I ve just decided that I m gonna try to do some little explanation about my drawings from now on.
Because of that maybe someone care about ideas behind my sketches. So,  from here, I wanna share a series of sketches related with game project "The Advetures Of Bhalamir" thats for mobile devices.
 "The Advetures Of Bhalamir" is a kind of single player "action-adventures" game.These are early stage of the concept sketches  from Bhalamir. In fact, in this stage even there was not a name for our protogonist.
Just, we had some little ideas like a hero,he is lonely,he has muscles:)  always they've:) And he should not be western or eastern. etc..
  On the other hand, we were thinking about the world that should have looked like Medieval but, we did not wanna a fully described time. So, I eliminated other historical time period, focus on medieval area as much as possible I tried to mix eastern and western features.
  So... here some sketches from early stage of concept art that were done for "The Advetures Of Bhalamir"

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